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I’m a “bad” blogger!

I’m not a good blogger.  There – I’ve admitted it!

As a photographer you’re “supposed” to frantically Blog (and twitter) several times every week in the hope of enhancing your visibility with search engines and obtaining more business.  This all feels a little silly to me and fortunately, unnecessary.  I’m ever so fortunate to keep very busy actually photographing!  I frequently shoot several times a week.  So….I might not make time to update my Blog for months at a stretch.  However, if you drop me an email, call or sign up as a subscriber to my blog, I will keep you posted when I release newly commissioned portrait exhibits, special projects and videos.

A heartfelt thank you for all your referrals and support.  You make it happen!

And the winner is…

I am proud to say one of my images won Manhattan Arts International recent competition, The Healing Power of Art, Art that Uplifts the Spirit.   Over a thousand entries were submitted from all the continents!  Receiving  professional peer accolades is always nice, however this one was special for a couple of reasons.  The topic, The Healing Power of Art is especially relevant as it’s what I try to do with my photography.  Indeed, I rarely enter competitions but could not resist this one as the topic exemplified what I strive for.  Thanks to my friend Michael Ellison, a great photographer,  for turning me onto the contest.  Special thanks to my wife Virginia for helping me submit the entries late one evening the night before they were due.   We cut it close!  The most important reason winning was important is because the image Manhattan Arts International selected is so near and dear to my heart.  Can you pick the winner from the six I submitted?    I’ll tell you at the end but see what you think.

And the winner cheating – scroll down to see

Jennifer and Sarah it is! I took this years ago in the backroom of a Cafe we used to won (I paid off all my bad karma so we’re now out of the food and beverage business).  Jennifer is the Orchid Lady in Savannah.  She would brighten our Saturdays, and our customers by  bringing Sarah along as she sold her exquisite orchids in our Cafe.  The customers loved Sarah.  She’s not supposed to be able to hear well, if at all, but she’d beam when she sensed our espresso machine  hissing away!   I’m always touched by the radiant  love and joy they so freely and beautifully expressed.  They are great friends.

Don’t feel bad if you selected another image.  Renee Phillips, the founder of Manhattan Arts International said she had a tough time deciding which one to select.   If your an artist, or even an art connoisseur, Manhattan Arts International is a great resource.  Renee is a potent catalyst to help artists prosper both artistically and financially.

A beautiful wedding in ‘Forsyth Park and reception at the DeSoto Hilton.  Erica, Anthony, family and friends know how to party!

Cynthia and Jeffrey are a great couple, best friends who married!  The ceremony and reception was held at the beautiful Marshall House in downtown Savannah.

Peter Straub

Author, poet and recipient of the Bram Stoker Award, World Fantasy Award, and International Horror Guild Award.  The shoot took place at his beautiful brownstone next to Central Park in New York City.  He was graciously flexible with his schedule to accommodate the photo session.  I got a kick out of being in his third floor, skylight study where he creates his work.  More images are on my site.


Russell Targ

Co-founder of the US Intelligence Communty’s Remote Viewing (psychic spying) program.   Photographed at his home in Palo Alto, California.  Mr. Targ is a highly intelligent, gracious individual who’s a renaissance man; scientist, author, publisher and trainer.  He came to believe Remote Viewing’s potential to help humanity was too significant to be used solely for covert military purposes.  He’s a fascinating man.  See my site for more images of Mr. Targ and his beautiful wife Patricia.


Tomekia Battle & Matvey Vikhrov.  A beautiful bride, a great couple and a fun reception at Vic’s on the River!  Beautiful dress by Gingerbread House Bridal and Tuxedo Designs and exquisite flowers by Colony Bay Florist.