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We’re immersed in a consumer oriented culture. “Bigger and better” is our society’s mantra. Planned obsolescence and sophisticated marketing ensures everything quickly becomes obsolete to make room for the “new and improved” product. This philosophy subtly yet inevitable carries over into how we view relationships and individuals. Truth be told, in a consumer driven society some individuals are considered disposable. Not so with the Starfish Café.

At the Starfish Café people, not products, are revered. The Café serves as a safety net for those who have lost their footing. The Café’s staff provides professional training in the food service industry, breathing life and hope into individuals. The result is a renewed sense of self-esteem as well as practical job skills leading to employment and self-sufficiency.

A small sampling of inspiring Starfish graduates and students follow. Their quotes at the bottom of the pages were randomly selected from the general pool of participants so they don’t necessarily correlate with the individuals featured on the page. Grits, Grace and Renewal will be formally displayed at the Starfish Café (Savannah, Georgia) in May and June of 2007. These images and more will also be featured in The Starfish Cookbook, scheduled for release in the spring of 2007. For more information or a great meal, call (912) 790-8512 or go to