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The Keepers of the Spirit exhibit is comprised of individuals whom in some way "reflect the Spirit" in the world. The exhibit is not about religion. Indeed, while all the major world religions are represented, the Project deliberately does not focus on religion. Rather, the project simply, and I hope profoundly, emphasizes individuals who touch the Spirit in others.

Keepers of the Spirit attempts to transcend social strata, gender, race and any other "qualifiers." This reflects my bias that the Spirit embraces everyone. The Project is meant to help demonstrate our essential and inviolable unity in the Spirit.

My Keepers of the Spirit portrait exhibit is on permanent display at Memorial Health University Medical Center, Savannah Georgia. A "traveling edition" is frequently on exhibit at other locations. Only a fraction of the images are displayed as the Exhibit includes over 50 individuals.

Inquiries to create a customized portrait exhibit for your organization or to host an existing exhibit may be directed to me via the "contact" heading or by calling (912) 655-3328.

The quotes at the bottom of each page were randomly selected from the entire pool of participants. They aren't necessarily correlated with the individuals featured on that page.

Charles, American Cancer Society. Also under "Relay
for Life" under "Exhibits."

Aberjhani, author, poet, editor of the
Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance.
More photos under "Individuals."

Peter Straub, author and recipient of numerous
awards including the British Fantasy Award.
More photos under "Individuals."

Tiffani Taylor, artist

Beautiful Karen Piette, 1942-2003

Harry Crews, author and recipient of the
Hemingway Award. More photos under "Individuals."