Saying NO to stiff, lifeless Wedding Photography

The problem with wedding photography:
All too often, wedding photography is stiff, lifeless, static, even boring. It’s almost as if the photographer actually waited until all the excitement and emotion had passed and then took the photograph. This has no place on such a special day. The day is full of rich emotions and the photography should reflect this.

Everyone loses:
The bride and groom, family, guests and even the photographer!

Why wouldn’t a photographer want to take expressive, vibrant wedding photographs? They do. Most people who go into photography do so because they love the art. They have no intention of falling into a rut and taking static photographs. Bluntly stated taking vibrant, expressive bridal photographs requires specialized training, skills and experience most photographers lack. Sadly, many photographer’s training actually reinforces lifeless and stale looking wedding portraits.

A win / win alternative:
Look radiant and receive sincere compliments on your bridal photography!

My training, experience and personal style is more expressive and natural. This translates into photographs where the bride and groom, family and guests look more relaxed and vibrant. You will look better and receive sincere compliments. Most importantly, my wedding photography expresses the rich emotion, spirit and beauty of the day.