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Women of Power encompasses women of extremely diverse ages and life experiences. The common denominator? They all embody varied aspects of Power such as sophistication, innocence, sensuality, and wisdom. Many of the women feel that their power stems from their spirituality.

The Powerful Thoughts at the bottom of each page were randomly selected from the entire pool of participants. They aren't necessarily correlated with the individuals featured on that page.

Inquiries to create a customized portrait exhibit for your organization or to host an existing exhibit may be directed to me via the contact heading or by calling (912) 655-3328. Do you know a Powerful Woman? Feel free to refer her for a future exhibit.

A sampling of images from the Women of Power exhibit follows.

John zeuli photography savannah georgia
John zeuli photography savannah georgia
John zeuli photography savannah georgia
John zeuli photography savannah georgia
  • Real power does not lie in the outside trappings of power which our society values. Authentic power comes from being your true self and from being connected to your higher power and the world around you. Recognizing that you are a part of God and He is a part of you.
  • Women view power differently than men in that men tend to define power as being in control over external things such as objects, the environment, or people. To me, being a woman of power means to be my own person and to live my life according to my values.
  • I would like to be more powerful in my personality and not to be so shy.
  • I personally define power as quiet spiritual communication... directly related to spirituality. I am just a channel... it is God's power or the god that one recognizes as a higher power...

  • Power is the willingness to help others and to help yourself.
  • Power is often misused by those voted into office rather than those who use the power given to them by God.
  • I'm powerful in that I have the conviction to follow my heart and passion, such as being able to take to the world the truth about what really hurts women.
  • Powerful women I admire are Rosa Parks, my mom, my grandmother, Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Coretta Scott King, and Eleanor Roosevelt.