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  • I do not consider myself powerful, but perhaps I try to be influential for the benefit of the greater community. I would like to be more powerful in improving the education of all people, thus enabling them to make good decisions affecting their lives.
  • Women view power differently in men, in that men think that emotions are sometimes a weakness.
  • Power is not something gained, nor something you're born with. Power is the essence of who you are, almost an aura about you that people either respect or reject.
  • Strength and power come from God. I don't know how people can get through difficult times without help from God.

  • I define power as the ability to navigate the world and its happenings with conviction and results.
  • I am powerful in that I now believe I can be whom I want to be and do what I want to do.
  • Women view power somewhat differently than men in that women are broad in our thinking, looking at the larger picture. Women view long-term solutions and goals.
  • Power is knowing that easy isn't always better, something isn't always better than nothing, and that things are never as bad as they could be.